ANNUSHKA is an e-shop of handmade footwear and accessories crafted in one of the world’s most beautiful places – Bali Island.

Annushka brand was born three years ago. The story starts with one pair of sandal boots made for our own benefit. Then, one more pair, and one more. Then, friends asked to make a pair for them, later friends of friends, later complete strangers just after having seen the sandal boots somewhere in the street. And we thought: “Why don’t we create our own footwear brand if people already like it?” That’s how the story of our store began.

After that, we had a long way of trial and error. We did our best to transfer the production to Russia, so that we would be able to cut down the delivery costs, and thus, prices for customers. But after turning to a handful of footwear craftsmen, visiting a number of leather and fabric shops, as well as trying to make several pairs here, in our home city Novosibirsk, we realized that we would never reach that Indonesian quality! So, we decided that we are not afraid of long distances. The idea is to keep the footwear quality so loved by our customers! Once, one of our clients said: “In your boots, I feel that my legs are loved”. That is exactly what we are striving for!

Sincerely yours,