Terms and conditions

Public offer contract from the e-store Annushka-shoes:

Private entrepreneur Barantseva represented by the e-store ANNUSHKA-SHOES.COM (hereinafter referred to as the “SELLER”) publishes the present contract which is a public offer contract both to physical and legal persons (hereinafter referred to as the “BUYER”) on the following:

Article 1. Scope of the public offer contract.

1.1. The SELLER is obliged to transfer ownership to the BUYER, while the BUYER is obliged to pay for and accept the goods ordered from the e-store ANNUSHKA-SHOES.COM (hereinafter referred to as the “GOODS”).

Article 2. Date of the execution of the Contract.

2.1. The text of this Contract is a public offer in accordance with Article 435 and Part 2 of Article 437 of the Russian Federation Civil Code.

2.2. The fact of placing an ORDER for GOODS at the SELLER’S both on their own and through an operator is equal to unconditional acceptance of this Contract. The BUYER is regarded as a person entering into contractual relationship with Private Entrepreneur Barantseva.

2.3. The ORDER for GOODS is placed and calculated by the BUYER’S ordering from the e-store ANNUSHKA-SHOES.COM.

Article 3. GOODS specifications.

3.1. As technical specifications of displays may vary, the colour of the GOODS can differ from the one shown at the web-site.

3.2. Specifications and appearance of the GOODS can differ from the ones described at the web-site.

Article 4. Price for GOODS.

4.1. The prices in the e-store are shown per unit of GOODS.

4.2. In the e-store, the fees for GOODS delivery are established for every item of GOODS depending on the BUYER’s location.

4.3. The total sum of the ORDER which sometimes (at the buyer’s wish) may include a paid delivery is shown in the Total section of the Cart.

Article 5. PaymentforGOODS.

5.1. If paying cash, the BUYER shall pay the GOODS price at the moment when it is transferred, while the SELLER needs to provide the BUYER with a cashier’s receipt or a sales slip or any other document proving that the GOODS were paid for.

5.2. Withnon-cashpayment, theBUYER’sobligationtopayfortheGOODSisconsideredtobedischargedwhenthecorrespondingmoneyinformof 100% (onehundredpercent) advancedpaymenthasbeentransferredtotheSELLER’scurrentaccountasperthebankingdetailsstatedinCl. 13 (Bankingdetailsofthestore) hereunder.

5.3. With non-cash payment, a 5-day delay or longer is considered to be a serious violation of the present Contract. In this case, the SELLER is entitled to terminate the Contract on a unilateral basis after notifying the BUYER.

5.4. TheGOODSaredeliveredtotheBUYERattheprice, description, inquantityinaccordancetotheinvoicepaidbytheBUYER.

Article 6. DeliveryofGOODS.

6.1. The GOODS are delivered to the BUYER at the address and within the timeframe agreed upon by the BUYER and a SELLER’s manager when placing the ORDER, or the BUYER picks up the GOODS on their own at the SELLER’s, at the address stated in Cl. 13 (Payment details of the store) hereunder.

6.2. The exact price of the GOODS delivery is calculated by a SELLER’s manager when taking the order and cannot be changed after being approved by the BUYER.

6.3. The BUYER’s failure to come or to perform required actions for accepting the GOODS can be considered as the BUYER’s repudiation of the Contract.

Article 7. WarrantyforGOODS.

7.1. The product warranty period for all goods from e-store ANNUSHKA-SHOES.COMis to be 20 days from the moment when the GOODS were accepted.

Article 8. Rights and responsibilities of the Parties.

8.1. The SELLER is obliged to:

8.1.1. Keep any private information of the BUYER confidential and not give access to such information to any third persons apart from cases stipulated by the Russian Federation legislation.

8.1.2. Provide the BUYER with the opportunity to get on-call consulting free of charge on the phones stated in the store web-site (ANNUSHKA-SHOES.COM). Scope of such consultations is limited to certain questions related to ORDER fulfillment.

8.1.3. The SELLER reserves the right to amend this CONTRACT unilaterally until it is concluded.

8.2. The BUYER is obliged to:

8.2.1. Read through the public offer contract, as well as terms and conditions of payment and delivery on the store website (ANNUSHKA-SHOES.COM) before signing this CONTRACT.

8.2.2. Provide the SELLER with the true and correct information about themselves (full name, contact phone numbers, and e-mail address) as well as the details required for GOODS delivery.

8.2.3. Accept the GOODS and pay for them within the timeframe stated in this CONTRACT.

Article 9. Liability and dispute resolution

9.1. The Parties bear the responsibility for any failure to fulfill this CONTRACT or improper fulfillment of it as it is stipulated by this CONTRACT and the Russian Federation laws in force.

9.2. The Seller shall not be responsible for the ORDER delivery, if the BUYER has given the wrong delivery address.

9.3. The SELLER shall not bear any responsibility, should the GOODS not match the BUYER'S expectations of consumer performance.

9.4. The SELLER is not responsible for partial or complete failure to fulfill obligations on GOODS delivery if they result from force-majeure.

9.5. When placing an order, the BUYER is responsible for providing correct information, as well as confirms that the BUYER acknowledged and accepted of the CONTRACT terms.

9.6. All the disputes and differences arising from the obligations being discharged by the PARTIES hereunder are resolved through negotiations. If they are impossible to resolve, the PARTIES are entitled to seek judicial remedy for their interests.

Article 10. Refund and exchange of goods

10.1. The BUYER’s claim to refund or exchange the GOODS shall be satisfied, if the GOODS were not used, its consumer properties are preserved, the packaging is preserved and intact, the accompanying documents are preserved which prove that the GOODS were bought at e-store ANNUSHKA-SHOES.COM.

10.2. The time for such claims is limited to fourteen (14) days from the moment when the BUYER accepted the GOODS.

10.3. The BUYER reimburses the SELLER for any inescapable transportation costs incurred because of the need to replace or return the GOODS.

Article 11. Force-Majeure

11.1. The Parties are relieved of their responsibilities for failure to discharge or improper discharge of the obligations under this Contract for the time of force-majeure. Force majeure refers to extraordinary and compelling circumstances under the given conditions that prevent the PARTIES from fulfilling their obligations hereunder. These include natural disasters, such as: earthquakes, floods, etc., social unrest, such as: warfare, state of emergency, major strikes, epidemics, etc., prohibitive measures of public authorities, such as: embargo on traffic, foreign exchange restrictions, international sanctions prohibiting trade, etc. During this time, the PARTIES do not have reciprocal claims, as each PARTY shall assume the consequences of their risk of force majeure.

Article 12. Term of Contract

12.1. The present CONTRACT enters in force at the moment you contact Private Entrepreneur Barantseva and make an ORDER, and it is terminated at the moment when all the obligations under this Contract are discharged by the PARTIES.

Article 13. Banking details of the e-store

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