How to take measures

Measurement is a key moment while buying shoes online. Even the most beautiful shoes will not bring joy, if they don’t fit you. That is why be careful with measurements, because these parameters are the only thing we base on while creating shoes for you.

Well, take a tape measure and let’s begin:

1 – Foot length, the distance from the prominent point of the heel tothelongesttoeofthefoot (we are talking exactly about your foot, neither about the outsole of your shoes nor about the inner sole!!!). Take a clean sheet of paper. Put a bare foot on it and draw the outline with a pencil. Try to hold pencil firmly in order not to draw line under the foot. Draw straight lines through the most prominent points (see picture) and measure distance between these lines – these are length and width of your foot.

Pay attention that inner sole will be 10-15 mm longer than foot! That is is seam allowance. That is why it is important to measure foot length neatly to avoid having shoes 10 mm bigger than you need.

2 – Foot circumference that passes through the widest points at the bottom of toes.

3 – Foot circumference that passes through the highest lifting point.

4 – Oblique circumference that passes through the prominent side of heel and bend point of ankle joint.

5 – Leg circumference. Leg circumference 5 for 32-37 sizes is measured at a height of 9 cm from the floor, for 38-44 sizes at a height of 10 cm from the floor.

6 – The narrowest side of leg near ankle.

7 – Calf circumference to beginning of a calf. Circumference 7 for boots ? and high boots is measured at a height of 17-19 cm for people who are under 170 cm and at a height of 20-22 cm for people who are taller than 170 cm.

8 – Calf circumference at the most prominent point. Circumference 8 for high boots is measured at the most prominent point of calf. Circumference 8 for boots ? is measured at height required of boots 3/4or mentioned height of boots at the web site.

9 – Circumference above calf. It is measured by fossa popliteal.

10 – The height from the floor up to knee-bend point.

11 – If you order the position with a strip between toes, it is necessary to measure foot length from the heel to the longest point between big and the second toes.

Our experts will design your legs according your measurements and will be able to sew Annushka-shoes for you!