When wandering through shops or shopping online, have you ever thought what if they had this very model in green and with high heels instead of flat sole, and short ones instead of 50 cm long? It would perfectly match your green handbag or the evening gown or trendy jeans for sure. Sounds familiar? Alas and alack! Shops nowadays provide us with a limited choice and your green handbag is likely to be unmatched with a commendable pair of footwear. We wouldn’t like to leave you with little choice! Moreover, we invite you to take part in creating your own shoes! Every model of ours has many options of leather and fabric, various boot shaft heights are available, and there are models with heels and without them. Create your boots by your own preferences, and we’ll happily create exactly what you need!

P.S. If you are petite, you won’t have to look for shoes in baby stores. While if you are of a sumo type, you won't have to order shoes from abroad. Pay attention to our size range – women’s from 4-12, men's from 9-19!!!